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Software features

Our software features are built with customer insights in mind to give you the ultimate solutions for streamlining your property marketing campaigns.

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Smarter brand management

Set creative boundaries and control brand messaging across your agency. Our software locks in brand consistency by allowing you to design, upload and share templates with staff across your entire network.

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Instant scalability

We grow with you. Go from 20 campaigns, to 200, or even 2,000+. Our adaptable software system will scale up or down according to your agency size, your client volume and the number of users across your business.

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User-friendly technology

Our intuitive software makes campaign management as easy as 1, 2, 3. Your staff have the freedom to work from any location because we design software with you in mind, making all manner of campaign management tasks a cinch.

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Customisable interface

Make CAMPAIGNxpress your own by renaming and rebranding the interface with your logo and colours. We are able to provide a fully branded experience that helps you look professional when you share artwork with clients.

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Simplified campaign management

Everything you need, in the one place. CAMPAIGNxpress centralises and streamlines the process of managing property campaigns of all budget sizes and timelines. Stay on top of deadlines and easily create and approve artwork from one central login.

  • View the status of multiple campaigns from your dashboard screen.
  • Manage quotes, schedules and campaign spend.
  • Keep track of payments and credits.

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A personal marketing portal

Support individual agent marketing that aligns with your overall brand. Maintain creative control by distributing templates and guidelines for all marketing materials. Download or export in multiple formats for the fast creation of an individual’s own promotional collateral.

  • Create stunning brochures and flyers.
  • Design and order business cards.
  • Manage digital marketing assets.

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Instant artwork approval

Eliminate the back and forth of artwork change requests with one-click approvals. CAMPAIGNxpress makes it easy to send artwork to multiple stakeholders for sign-off. Fast approvals mean a quicker time to market, a speedier sale and happier clients.

  • Easily gain vendor approval.
  • Upload external artwork.
  • Scheduled automatic reminders.

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Adobe InDesign compatibility

The CAMPAIGNxpress advantage. Our software offers access to InDesign – the world’s number one creative tool. By incorporating this popular artwork system, we cut out the significant costs and time involved in refreshing your brand and make your templating work easier.

  • Easily upload, edit and localise designs.
  • Self-manage your templates.
  • Train new staff in a flash.

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DocuSign integration

No more tedious printouts! Electronic signature technology allows for faster vendor approval and improves speed to market. Get contracts signed, on the spot, whilst you are with the vendor, without having to print, mail or scan documents.

  • Simple to use.
  • Secure and reliable.
  • Legally binding.

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Digital media marketing capabilities

Constantly monitor and improve your digital campaigns. CAMPAIGNxpress allows you to feed your property data directly to the major online publishers. As official partners of both Google and Facebook, we can share insights on how to make the most of these all important digital platforms.

  • Publish to domain.com.au and realestate.com.au.
  • Leverage Google advertising and PPC.
  • Post engaging Facebook advertisements.

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Your choice of suppliers

Flexibility and choice. We allow you to connect to your own marketing suppliers and in most cases are able to integrate with their system for easier ordering and dispatch. Get your materials on the market and working for you faster by sticking to your own best-in-class suppliers.

  • Choose your own print supplier.
  • Choose your own signboard installer.
  • Work with your creative teams.

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Easy tracking of campaign funding

View and manage campaign spend in real time. Large campaigns have complex budgets that require careful management, so keep on top of funding and expenses. We also integrate with financial systems such as Xero, reducing the need for double entry of financial data.

  • Allocate credit to specific accounts.
  • Cancel items and issue refunds.
  • Record payment methods and monitor due dates.

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CRM integration

You need systems that speak to each other. Make campaign creation and management easier by pulling vendor and property data straight from you CRM. Increased customisation and integration capabilities between software saves you time and money.

  • Connect via API or XML feed.
  • Create customised data transfers between your CRM and CAMPAIGNxpress.
  • Reduce the need for double data entry.

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Connect to Xero

Financial tracking from one screen. The open APIs of financial management tools like Xero allow our software to communicate and share information with them. Make issuing invoices, paying bills and tracking campaign expenses easier with CAMPAIGNxpress.

  • Import data into your general ledger.
  • Reconcile invoices.
  • Share payment information between systems.

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