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Who we’re for

Whether you’re a boutique property manager, large multinational, media agency or publisher, we’re for you.

We’re for everyone who wants to save time, money and effort.

We’ve built CAMPAIGNxpress with you in mind. Our software is designed with customer insights to streamline real campaign management workflows. It’s intuitive and easy to use.

We’re helping marketing professionals looking for proven, reliable software solutions to save them time, effort and money. Our software is helping marketers across Real Estate, Government, Publishers and FMCG. We’re for everyone.

Our clients benefit from faster turnaround times

We take all the effort and set up time away with our simple and reliable workflow solutions. CAMPAIGNxpress will save you time and effort so you can always keep up with the dynamic and fast paced nature of your business as well as your competitors. Easily respond to any last minute media and campaign opportunities so you never again miss a deadline.

We share our creative partner network

CAMPAIGNxpress is the campaign management system of advertising agencies, media agencies and property clientele. Work with us and you’ll have access to an extensive partner network of brand specialists, first class creatives, technologists and simply the smartest minds in advertising and marketing.

By working with a multitude of agencies that specialise in different areas of branding, marketing and advertising, we are able to offer our clients not only a robust marketing platform but exceptional service that simply can’t be provided by one agency operating alone.

Project Marketers
and Developers

Project Marketers and Developers

  • Keep track of complex marketing campaigns
  • View media schedules and suppliers in one place

Media Agency
Account Managers

Media Agency Account Managers

  • Removes the back and forth of client approvals
  • Accelerate campaign delivery
  • Push and receive notifications so you never miss a deadline

Publishers &
Digital Property Portals

Publishers & Digital Property Portals

  • Access Media Bookings directly into your system
  • Add any supplier to your workflow
  • Integrate any product bundle



  • Control your brand through templated design workflow
  • View marketing and supplier schedules in a single consolidated view
  • Access branded archives and past campaigns



  • Integrate SMD Mediaocean, Pegasus, Xero and your accounting software
  • Signal alerts and invoice approvals by vendors
  • Control spending limits and approvals automatically



  • Receive Artwork notifications
  • Faster financial processing
  • Automate invoice reconciliation


The Task

We were commissioned to build the CBRExpress system to support and streamline the marketing demands of the CBRE team.

The Result 

“CAMPAIGNxpress is a user-friendly system which has streamlined the way in which marketing materials are created and produced by the CBRE network in Australian and New Zealand. As well as improved time to market for client campaigns, our agency have delivered us more competitive prices by linking the system into a network of contracted suppliers, which in turn has been passed on to our clients ensuring an optimum net return for their property.”

Emily Mather
Regional Marketing Director CBRE

Aussie Home Loans CASE STUDY

The Task

Build a system to assist the Aussie Marketing team meet the demands of both the Franchise and Mobile Channels in a Local Area Marketing (LAM) environment.

The Result 

“The team at eLocal Marketing had the ability to quickly deliver on the build and implementation of a new online campaign management system, AussieExpress. Since launch, AussieExpress has revolutionised the way in which we deliver local area marketing support to our sales channels. Over 400 Mortgage Advisers using the system now have immediate access and control over their own individual marketing campaigns, increasing user satisfaction. In addition, the automated approval process reduces administrative tasks, allowing our Channel Marketing team to focus on strategic activity and innovative campaigns.”

Melissa McCarney 

Senior Manager – Aussie Home Loans, Home Loan Acquisition

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