Facebook Facebook Instagram Twitter Linked In Linked In Artboard 1 Competitive AdvantageThink outside the box.Break away from the norm.Manage and execute yourdigital campaigns.Stay ahead of the pack.Digital MarketingConnect directly toyour choice of suppliers.Connected SuppliersUse data intelligence tomatch a person’s interest andbehaviours to likely outcomes.Data IntelligenceManage your entire propertymarketing campaigns from the oneportal. Outsmart your competitors.Property MarketingProvide personal brandmarketing support to yoursales operatices and agents.Personal MarketingAllows you to design& share templates withstaff across your network.Brand Consistency Down

Our Software

Jam packed with features to streamline your property marketing needs, our software has your business covered from every angle.

About our Software

Consistency, clarity and class. No matter how big or small, networked or boutique your agency is, your brand needs to stand out for all the right reasons.

Creating and managing branded marketing materials is simple and straightforward with our campaign management system – designed exclusively for property professionals.

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Let our software help you save time and increase efficiencies within your real estate business.

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Software Features

Our software features are built with customer insights in mind to give you the ultimate solutions for streamlining your property marketing campaign.

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Why choose CAMPAIGNxpress

Our clients now enjoy a far superior experience and are afforded an opportunity to be innovative in their own thinking and given more choice in suppliers, enabling them to forge a greater distance between themselves and their competitors.

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Our software helps you manage sophisticated multi-faceted real estate marketing campaigns

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Our Clients

We’ve built CAMPAIGNxpress with you in mind. Our software is designed with customer insights to streamline real campaign management workflows. It’s intuitive and easy to use.

We’re helping property marketing professionals looking for proven, reliable software solutions to save them time, effort and money. Outside of Real Estate our software is also helping industries across FMCG, Publishers and Government. We’re for everyone.

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