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Who we are

We love and know software. We’re all about finding simpler and smarter ways to automate marketing campaigns that save our customers time, effort and money.

We eat our own dog food!

There’s a fun phrase in the software industry called ‘dogfooding’, it relates to the need to try out your own product before releasing it on your clients. We’ll there’s no better reason for developing software than out of necessity, to resolve your own business problems. And, it was this motivation that made CAMPAIGNxpress the progressive solution it is today.

When it comes to technology development, the benefit of first hand experience running large scale property marketing campaigns, gives you foresight into what the business challenges for your clientele will be.

So, holding two key cards: empathy and impetus, we were driven to find a better way to managing property marketing campaigns, and advance the industry’s campaign management software options.

Our Story

Campaignxpress is a proprietary software platform built in 2015 when we were looking to license a software solution to streamline our own advertising and media agency operations. As our property clientele grew and the landscape of marketing changed, we realised we needed a better solution. With both consumers and marketing budgets shifting toward digital, we reached a juncture where the needs of our own advertising agencies and partners could no longer be met by existing software solutions so we listened to customer feedback, and built our own solution to meet campaign management needs. After two years of full time development on local shores and a lot of customer research and feedback.

CAMPAIGNxpress was born.

Today many leading brands are enjoying the benefits. CAMPAIGNxpress is a standalone company and employs a senior team of technology, marketing and advertising specialists.

Our Team

Mark Cairns

Mark Cairns General Manager

Consult Mark for forward-thinking advice on the future of advertising and how best to improve your marketing operations. Mark’s own experience at franchise group marketing level and as an ad agency executive enable him to offer solutions drawn from first-hand experience. With a passion for technology Mark believes that SaaS is the best way to scale and grow a successful brand. And as an innovator, Mark’s not only helping to drive our business through an exciting growth phase, but our clients, who are looking for better and more effective marketing campaigns.

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