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Why choose CAMPAIGNxpress

Our clients now enjoy a far superior experience and are afforded an opportunity to be innovative in their own thinking and given more choice in suppliers, enabling them to forge a greater distance between themselves and their competitors.

Why choose CAMPAIGNxpress?

Just like you, our founders sat at a cross-roads looking for a better solution to real estate marketing. Engaged as the advertising partner to several national property businesses, we too were looking for a technology platform that could scale with our growth.

Licensing the software of another incumbent worked for a period of time, but as property marketing became more digitalised and the incumbents technology became outdated we were forced to develop our own solution. Hence CAMPAIGNxpress was born – built on the latest technologies and forward thinking requirements, we’ve moved leaps and bounds beyond any other campaign management solution.

Our clients now enjoy a far superior experience and are afforded an opportunity to be innovative in their own thinking and given more choice in suppliers, enabling them to forge a greater distance between themselves and their competitors.

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Our software has your property campaigns covered from all angles

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Create a competitive edge

Think outside the box. Break away from the norm. You no longer need to offer the exact same marketing campaign packages as your nearby competitors.

Take charge of your supply network and procure best in class suppliers for your campaigns. If your system provider requires you to use their marketing services alongside their software, your property marketing campaigns will be no different to your competitors and will lack innovation and be holding your business back.

Create a point of difference with CAMPAIGNxpress. We give you the freedom to select your own suppliers, shape your own campaigns, and personalise the look and feel of your marketing materials to local audiences.

Formulate your own marketing mix – your campaign elements, their style, quality and cost can be better than your local competitors. In listing presentations, your agents don’t have to look exactly the same as their counterparts.

Work with us and we’ll apply our forward thinking brand strategies, property marketing expertise and software smarts to put your business in the lead.

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Gain full control of brand communications

You’ve worked hard to formulate your core brand strategy. So, you now need to ensure your offices and staff have access to brand collateral, with an ability to personalise it, without straying too far from your brand values and style guide.

Maintain brand consistency across all communications. The number one challenge for any property business is providing access to brand approved visual imagery and marketing materials in a way that enables staff to adhere to approved advertising layouts and communication styles that marry in with your businesses tone of voice.

Protect and elevate your brand with our platform. CAMPAIGNxpress provides you and your network with all the tools needed at a national, local or agent personal marketing level.

Leverage your staffs’ Adobe skills

We integrate with the worlds leading creative suite, Adobe InDesign, making it easier for you to control your own templates, provide faster speed of delivery and gain significant costs savings.

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‘Raise the bar’ in real estate marketing

Our platform powers property focused advertising agencies as well as real estate businesses direct. We are the system of choice for companies that make it their mission to continually push the envelop, look for new ways to cut through the advertising clutter and outsmart competitors.

Don’t settle for ordinary, make sure your real estate marketing is remarkable. Expect the best, from the best, and your brand messaging and marketing activities will be nothing less than first class.

Expect exceptional, our advertising partner network can support your business with the full spectrum of marketing and advertising solutions, from traditional media, to digital media – we’re exceptionally well connected.

Our ad agency support network is national, with advertising and creative partners with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, our extended network supports property businesses across all major Australian cities including Canberra, Adelaide and Perth with brand strategy and property marketing campaign creative.

CAMPAIGNxpress is born from the minds of property marketing specialists and advertising experts. Let us take you on a journey into the future of marketing.

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Let our software help you save time and increase efficiencies within your real estate business

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Support sales staff with personal marketing

Provide personal brand marketing support to your sales operatives and agents. It’s just as important as your overarching brand strategy and property campaigns.

Better promote your talent by giving staff the means by which they can promote themselves within their local marketplace. CAMPAIGNxpress enables you to develop a personal marketing kit, with carefully selected marketing elements that will help staff effectively showcase their skills and expertise.

Help staff save time and money by using CAMPAIGNxpress to bring efficiencies and cost savings. Set up your own personal marketing portal, procure your own suppliers and allow staff to select and order their marketing materials on demand.

Keep all marketing materials in the one place and you will have better control over brand messaging and design consistency. Help your staff look professional, by setting up templates and handing them full control over the materials they produce.

CAMPAIGNxpress provides a simple, easy portal that allows staff to self serve their personal marketing needs.

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Adopt digital and become a ‘smarter’ marketer

Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way we live, work, communicate and create. The new digital economy is redefining the rules of competition across the property industry.

We are digital pioneers, our staff have been leading the charge in digital marketing for several years. As certified advertising partners to Google and Facebook they were the first property marketing specialists to convince clients to leverage the power of digital marketing.

Be an early adopter and increase your lead, we help you harness digital marketing to distance yourself from your competitors. We bring big ad agency campaign strategies to small business budgets.

We support mobile, video and immersive experiences. Whether it’s search or social, desktop, tablet or mobile we extend your traditional campaign elements into the new media world.

CAMPAIGNxpress has been built to support the new paradigm in property marketing – digital. Work with us to make a smoother transition from traditional advertising to campaigns with a mix of traditional and new media elements.

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Harness data and increase your sales intelligence

Smart sales and marketers no longer waste precious time cold calling and door knocking, looking for that proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’. They use data intelligence to match a persons interest and behaviours to likely outcomes.

Predict a prospective client’s next move, identify the who, what, when and why of property transactions. Consumer and demographic data is more freely available. Matching properties to people and knowing when a homeowner might be ready to sell is now a possibility.

Improve client communications, hone in on a home buyers needs and personalise your messaging to their lifestyle aspirations. Match appropriate properties that resonate with them far better than you’ve managed before.

Monitor and improve your pay-per-click ratios, with help from our partner network specialists. Use data metrics to gain clearer insights; understand how engaging your property advertising truly is, and know exactly how much it costs to convert.

CAMPAIGNxpress gives you tools to unearth the most effective property marketing formulas for your business, giving your clients unmatchable lead generation results.

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Our software helps you manage sophisticated multi-faceted real estate marketing campaigns

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Procure the best marketing tools and expertise

To ensure potential clients make an unwavering decision to work with your brand, your property marketing strategies must outshine and out smart those of other businesses.

One size does not fit all, if everyone is using the same campaign management system and supplier network there is little differentiation between offerings. How is a prospective vendor to choose when everything looks the same?

Our software gives you more choice, to connect with your suppliers or your terms. You choose the photographers, videographers, copywriters, drone operators, signage providers, brand creatives, media managers, and we give you an interface with which you can work and streamline your processes and communications.

CAMPAIGNxpress gives you more choice and flexibility than any other campaign management software on the market.

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Financial management and vendor payments

From pre-approved campaign budgets to starting payments, progress payments, or issuing refunds – the financial tracking requirements and the legalities of drawing down on trust accounts is more complicated than any other industry.

Enjoy real-time visibility of the campaign spend, monitor campaign spending down to the cent spent and dollars remaining. Whether it’s creative costs or traditional or digital media spend you can monitor costs on a day-by-day basis.

Make your accountant’s life easier by engaging a CAMPAIGNxpress partner to manage your business budgets and supplier reconciliations. We can provide data feeds either manually or through integrations to your general ledger, helping to simplify your end of month accounting processes.

CAMPAIGNxpress gives you choice over who and how you manage the financial side of your marketing activities.

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