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Property businesses we support

Our technology was born from the need to manage the national campaigns for some of Australia’s largest property businesses.

Today, the CAMPAIGNxpress technology supports businesses across all property sectors, both big and small, franchised and independent.

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Large real estate franchise networks

One of the biggest challenges faced by large real estate franchise networks is maintaining brand consistency across many locations.

CAMPAIGNxpress provides franchise owners with complete visibility across all marketing operations, so you are always in control of every aspect of your brand.

Franchisees have everything they need to create consistent campaigns via a central online interface – signage, brochures, newspaper advertising, online search campaigns, social media marketing, and direct mail. They have the flexibility to personalise and localise their marketing collateral to their unique demographic and target audience, while retaining alignment with the overarching brand strategy of the franchise.

Tailored for use across a large network of offices – whether interstate or global – CAMPAIGNxpress marketing solutions can be implemented quickly and with minimal disruption to franchisees, giving your business the systems it needs for brand consistency and scalable growth.

From residential, commercial to off-the-plan. We help property people push boundaries.

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Boutique residential agencies

As a boutique residential agency, you need to establish a premium brand throughout your local area with maximum exposure and minimal fuss.

CAMPAIGNxpress gives you the platform to produce cohesive, high-end real estate marketing campaigns with guaranteed brand consistency across all material. Your agents will have everything they need to book digital campaigns, design brochures, organise signage and promote properties on social media, all from a simple cloud-based interface.

Through our Personal Marketing Portal staff have the flexibility to target the unique demographic of their client’s property, build their own personal brand and grow their own presence within in the community.

And, as a streamlined, scalable system, CAMPAIGNxpress provides you with the operational support you need to grow your agency. As your sales team numbers increase and your listings increase, your agency has the marketing foundations in place for continued success.

Commercial real estate agencies

Spanning both leasing and sales markets, commercial real estate campaigns are lengthy and complex.

With CAMPAIGNxpress a commercial real estate team has everything they need to run a consistent campaign that never loses momentum. From a cloud-based interface, you can quickly and easily produce on-brand signage and print materials, book newspaper advertising, manage digital campaigns, harness social media, and run database marketing.

The CAMPAIGNxpress toolkit ensures that all marketing material meets the overarching global brand strategy of the agency while still providing commercial property agents with the flexibility to localise messaging and target each campaign to a unique demographic.

By providing media solutions at a national and international level, CAMPAIGNxpress ensures you can reach both interstate and overseas buyers – effectively and efficiently.

Whether you are running a campaign on behalf of a business to attract investors, leasing a commercial space, or selling a hotel, CAMPAIGNxpress ensures you are known as a market leader in your sector.

We’ve helped many well-know property brands become the leader of their pack.

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Project marketers

Securing off-the-plan purchases requires a dynamic marketing strategy. From garnering attention at VIP pre-sale events to compiling a broad mix of campaign elements, you need a marketing solution that can support you every step of the way.

Through a simple cloud-based interface, CAMPAIGNxpress provides instant access to all your marketing campaigns wherever you are.

Order signage, print brochures, book advertising campaigns, post listings to the major portals and manage social media marketing, whether you are on site, at a display suite, at your office, or on the move.

Through our preferred partner network we can help you target campaigns to the right buyers using demographic, geographic and behavioural data. We format your creative and advertising messaging to always display on brand – aligned with your agency, your project strategy and your personal brand – be it in print or online.

By streamlining and centralising all marketing collateral through CAMPAIGNxpress, your campaigns will never fail to deliver on time and on budget.

Advertising and media agencies

With numerous projects and a multitude of artwork amendments, advertising and media agencies need an automated marketing system that reduces demands on staff, ensuring your business remains competitive so you can focus on what you do best – strategy and creativity!

With a booking and artwork delivery system that is directly connected to all media companies – both at a local and national level – CAMPAIGNxpress allows you to manage and track all campaign elements, order print collateral, book online campaigns, and handle large volumes of work simultaneously.

Also, by leveraging online design and providing your clients with the ability to make minor amendments themselves, CAMPAIGNxpress significantly reduces artwork amendments between client and agency staff while enhancing the customer experience.

And with deadline reminders and detailed job management tools, CAMPAIGNxpress ensures you’ll never miss a thing.

Let our software help you save time and increase efficiencies within your real estate business.

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Property developers

Selling the vision of an un-built property demands a marketing campaign that not only sells a construction project but also promotes a lifestyle and the concept of a better future.

These campaigns need to reach several tiers of stakeholders: the bank to secure funding, the existing local residents to sell the benefits of community gentrification, and the ideal buyers to begin the sales process.

Designed to manage complex, multi-faceted campaigns, CAMPAIGNxpress gives you the tools to quickly and easily create multiple marketing elements, each tailored to a targeted audience, and adhering to the high level of brand consistency your business endeavours to maintain.

Design brochures and signage, produce print campaigns, manage social media and digital marketing activities to reach ideal buyers through paid and offline campaign elements – whether local media or interstate.

And with all your assets stored in a central portal, all 3D renders and promotional drawings are easily accessible by creatives and ready to put to use in whatever branded format you require.

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