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Localises marketing right down to the individual neighbourhood

We meet the needs of your entire network, You choose how tightly you hold the reigns, Access from an individual’s viewpoint, Better marketing visibility than ever before.

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We meet the needs of your entire network – We understand the challenges you face managing your brand and its marketing activities across your expansive network. Whether you operate within a multi-national brand, a country-wide or regionally spread franchise or hold a very concise geographic footprint, your agency’s marketing needs are diverse and need to be perfected right down to the client, property, agent, neighbourhood and buyer demographic.

You choose how tightly you hold the reigns – Whether you want to retain close control over your brand or give your members an agreed level of flexibility in its interpretation, you need to systemise marketing operations to provide solutions to staff at multiple levels within your organisation.

Access from an individual’s viewpoint – CAMPAIGNxpress is designed to give staff access to the information and marketing tools they need from their job perspective. We work in consultation with you to map the CAMPAIGNxpress system to your operational marketing practices, and configure workflows and approval processes in line with your management philosophies.

Better marketing visibility than ever before – With CAMPAIGNxpress you’ll gain a bird’s eye perspective of your brand in action across your entire network. As an agency owner, corporate executive or divisional marketing manager you’ll be able to track the activities and spend at a national, regional, local, agent or campaign level.

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